Hello everyone!
I wanted to highlight a few things in this calendar as we do have some new programs (yay!!). 
Firstly, we are starting a new youth bible study. This Bible study will be lead by Gord Taylor and will be held at Living Hope every second Monday in the evening. This Bible Study will be geared towards more of our older youth in the corps (Highschool +). More information will be coming out about this shortly, but mark your calendars now!
Secondly, You’ll notice that both the OurCITY dates and the young adults dates have been added to the calendar. OurCITY (Our Christ Inspires the Youth) is a new initiative that was launched last spring in hopes to unite the youth of this city. OurCITY will be occurring at various corps throughout the city bimonthly. The dates and locations are included in the attached calendar but I have also included the OurCITY poster that highlights the events for this half of the year. 
Young Adults is another initiative that hopes to unite the older youth of the city (Grades 10+). Young Adults will run bi-monthly as well and more information about the actual events will be coming out shortly. 
As you can see, we have lots on the go already so make sure that you mark your calendars, invite your friends, and get ready for a year of fellowship and fun!
 Please click on the links to open the calendar & information