Living Hope Community Church
Sunday, September 20, 2020
Call to Worship
God, let this be a fruitful day!
In this hour of worship,
open our eyes to beauty,
tune our ears to harmony.
The fragrance of your love
permeating every moment.
The touch of your hand
guiding all we do.
We want to taste with delight
the joy of your presence today.

• Pray for Major Merv Halvorsen’s sister and brother-in-law as they continue to heal from a serious
incident last week.
• Pray for the Timmerman Family (Don, Janet, Brent & Trish, Mark & Breanna) this week.
• Pray for Jan Ball who is experiencing some health issues.
• Pray for our church family. This week please pray specifically for Temitope & Oluwole (Damisi and
Demilade) and Adam Woodland.

Worship: Click this link and play all for the worship songs and message.
Click Here
• How Great Thou Art
• Scripture Reading – Genesis 1
• Indescribable
• What a Wonderful Name

Message: Elohim – Genesis 1

Song: This Is My Father’s World


And now bless the God of all,
who everywhere works great wonders,
who fosters our growth from birth,
and deals with us according to his mercy.
May he give us gladness of heart,
and may there be peace in our days
in Israel, as in the days of old.
May he entrust to us his mercy,
and may he deliver us in our days!
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