Living Hope Community Church
Sunday, January 31, 2021

Call to Worship

Lord, today we recall your faithfulness.
Thank you that you walk with us everyday, that you are with us in each moment.
Thank you that your promises are true and your goodness never fails us.
In this moment we come to you and we lay our lives before you.
May we worship and adore you with every fibre of our being.
May everything within us cry “Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come”.
And so today we join with all those who worship and confess you as Lord, from generations past and
present, and with all the angels that sing in heaven of your greatness and beauty.
Lord we adore you.
Lord we love you.
Lord you are so precious to us.

• Please continue to pray for Quinlan, Don Timmerman, Elton Morrison, Roberta Pronteau, who all have
health concerns.
• Please pray for Majors Rod & Paulette Bungay (Area Commander and DSBA)
• Pray for our church family. This week, please pray for Majors Steven & Corinne Cameron (Anna) and
Toyin Solomon (Precious & Emmanuel)

Worship: Click this link and play all for the worship songs and message:Click Here

• A Mighty Fortress
• Scripture Reading – 1 Samuel 17:38-49
• The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Special Music – Fanfare Prelude – A Mighty Fortress
Message: Yahweh Sabaoth – The Lord of Hosts

• Surrounded
• Battle Belongs

May you live this day
Compassionate of heart
Gentle in word,
Courageous in thought
Generous in love.
John O’Donohue
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