Ministry Board
At the inception of our Ministry Board two years ago, we staggered the lengths of term positions to avoid having the board experience a high turnover every three years. 
The Member-at-Large positions are filled by nomination and election by the congregation. 
The Coordinator positions are filled by the Ministry Board selecting an individual they believe is best suited for each vacancy.
  • Don Timmerman as Stewardship Coordinator.  He is able to serve a second term and is willing to let his name stand.  The congregation has affirmed him for the next three years in this position.
  • The person affirmed for the Community Connections Member-at-Large position is Eda LeBreton
  •  The person elected for the Church Life Coordinator position is Major Barb Bain 
  • The person elected for the Worship Member-at-Large position Jed Cox. 



If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with a member of the board.