Welcome to Living Hope Community Church

Living Hope is Christian based Community Church of The Salvation Army.
Teaching and living by Christian doctrine, The Salvation Army operates on biblical fundamentals,
serving with “Heart to God and Hand to man”.
We welcome everyone to join us and share in our worship.
A Church for the whole family…where we believe Jesus is the Hope Of  People Everywhere
Thank you for choosing to worship with us at Living Hope Community Church.
We hope that your time with us will help you cultivate a deeper relationship with our life giving God.
We ask that you speak with one of our ushers/door greeters if you have any questions.
God Bless you today!
Vision Statement:

The Living Hope Community Church is a community of people called to:

  • Worship God and grow in our individual relationship with Him through the Word and fellowship with God and each other;
  • Reach beyond our doors to teach others about the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ while fostering spiritual growth;
  • By the power of the Holy Spirit, serve God, the people of this church and the community by discovering and utilizing our God-given gifts.

Living Hope Values:

Connecting! We strive to be a place where we know each other by name, where you will find friends, engage in friendly conversation,
answer questions as you explore the nature of God, and support when you need help.
Learning  God is the best friend we have! To deepen that friendship, we invest time in developing our knowledge and love of God through solid Bible teaching.

Sharing the Love of Jesus! Knowing Jesus is such a positive influence in our lives! We are excited about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and the eternal happiness that can be found through belief in Him.

Making a difference! We believe that our action must match our faith! We live our faith by caring for each other, using our God-given gifts to meet the needs of people inside and outside the church.

Church Location & Address: 51 Morrow St, Winnipeg,Manitoba R2M 1A5
 2 blocks South of Fermor & St. Anne’s Rd (St.Vital)
Our front lot has parking for Guests, Seniors & Handicapped Parking.
There are additional spots available behind the TD bank (St.Anne’s Rd)

and by Safeway (just walk thru the beautiful park path behind our building)